Heeley and Meersbrook Allotment Protection Society was established around 1911 and since then has been active in providing services to the growing community in the local area. Whilst our role and reach has evolved over time our current  role is to provide community and social facilties for those who are Allotment Holders, gardeners and their families.

We operate through a membership system. You do not have to be an Allotment Holder to become a member. We are delighted to welcome anyone with an interest in growing their own produce either in on an Allotment, in a Garden or Window Box. The membership year runs for a year (1st April to 31st March) but you can join at any time. This is available at the shop on Saturdays & Sundays between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm.

Full membership fees are £10 per year, couples and co-workers sharing a plot can be joint members, with both their names on the same membership card. Concessions are half price; and include pensioners, persons in receipt of benefits, low wage earners and students.

(Please provide proof of benefits, students or of pensionable age).

This website will not advise or tell you how to grow stuff as there are loads of Books, Blogs and Websites to tell you how to do that.  If you want free advice then turn up at our allotment shop, you will get as much free advice as you want to hear. The only advice we will give here is to manage your weeds. We all have weeds on our plots; some say a weed is only a plant growing in the wrong place, others view uncontrolled weeds as an absolute but avoidable nusiance.   Bottom line is to keep on top of your weeding - whether you are growing something or nothing you will still have weeds so please - dig them out, dig them in if you have to but please avoid letting them go to seed.  As my old  granny would often say "one year to seed equals seven years to weed".  

We are also on facebook, Heeley and  Meersbrook allotments.

Thank you!